Yesterday’s Light, Today’s Light

Yesterday at the AFC Golf Club.

Going into the 17th tee box, we noticed two groups of caddies and coaches huddle around it. Aware of the sports etiquette, they silently watched as the three of us approached. Andre went first. He pushed his tee down and started his motions. His drive flew high but went a bit to the right. No reaction from the gallery.

Next up was my brother, Fred. He hit the 200 yard marker middle fairway with a perfect straight drive. The audience knew it was an incredible shot. They all applauded showing much appreciation.

Last on the tee box was me. Probably noticing my tension, Fred murmured, “Easy swing.” I took my time. This was my realistic shot at the podium, I thought. I swung easy. No gigil. The ball flew where I wanted it to go but sliced a bit and appeared to have landed at least thirty yards behind Fred’s. I waited for a reaction from the audience. None. I turned towards them, gestured with my hands to mean “Why?” and exclaimed, “No applause?”

I got a standing ovation, twice as loud as that for Fred’s. I bowed in gratitude and agreement. Everyone has a good laugh. 

Have you ever experienced the intense emotions of seeing an audience react with complete silence and awe when a rock star or someone famous walks into the room? I felt nowhere near that feeling. But I was nevertheless thrilled. Like a rhinestone cowboy, I knew I was exactly where the lights were shining on me and took advantage of it.

So cheers to yesterday.



And speaking of light, there is one light that never faded on me —the light of my dear Inang. Today, she would have turned 96 years old. Very old. It would have been a heartbreak for me to see her unable to blow out the big candle on her birthday cake prepared by her grandchildren. Or see her struggle to lift herself up from where she sat. She’d smile, yes, and would try to raise her hands as if to dance to the beat of the birthday song. But I’d rather not.

The last time I saw her alive, she was so alive. I’d like that memory to remain instead.

Her memory. Her light. They help me keep up.

Happy birthday, Inang. Thank you for my life and your ever-shining light.

So cheers, too, to you and to today!



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  1. You are such a talented writer, very gifted. I wont be surprise if you could write books, you are such an inspiration to the people.👌👌👌Keep it up classmate! well done!

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