Wanderlust Legacy

One of the valuable experiences I’ve provided my children, which I unfortunately missed out on during my own childhood, is the opportunity to travel. Although my overseas adventures began late (after college), exploring various places has significantly broadened my perspective.

In particular, Andre, my son, has absorbed numerous lessons through our family travels. Even during their homeschooling days in elementary school, my wife and I made a conscious effort to set aside funds for regular travel, allowing our children to learn firsthand about different cultures and places.

As Andre progressed to college, his dream of visiting Europe and the Vatican City was fulfilled when he attended Focolare’s Genfest in Budapest. This experience ignited his passion for global exploration, and he eagerly looks forward to future travels. Since then, he has continued to cultivate a fascination for traveling the world.

The knowledge gained during his travels has become the driving force behind his valuable role as the COO (Child of the Owner) to the family business. I take immense pride in my son —my comrade in business and on the golf course, and the official family coffee barista.

Happy birthday, Andre! May your light continue to illuminate the lives of others, powered by your generosity with your time and resources.

Break 80 soon (with me)! Cheers!


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