Two Twin Stories

I find it difficult to recognize people’s faces these days with only their eyes exposed. Even when they speak, their muffled voices sound like a medieval language. I wish there’s a new Google app that translates muffled voices into clear voices. I can’t even recognize my twin brother, Fred. Without seeing his entire face, I can’t tell whether it’s him or me looking in a mirror. Yep, just one of the double disadvantages of having a twin in a pandemic.

Even before this masked pandemic, we’ve had our share of adventures of being mistaken for the other.

One time, I was in a hotel project in Makati, a burly American guy called out Fred’s name, briskly walking toward my direction. I knew right away that this was one of Fred’s.

Even before he opened his big mouth, I blurted out,

“Sorry, I’m not Fred.”

“Don’t f** with me. Of course, you are Fred!”

“No, I’m not. I’m his twin brother. Watch your language.”

“Fred never told me he had a twin.”

“Maybe you haven’t asked.”

“C’mon, show me an ID.”

Exasperated, I pulled one for him.

“OMG, you’re not him. F***!”

And then, without me asking, he told me a story of him bumping into Fred in Singapore, blah, blah, blah.


There was also a time when, out of Alice in Wonderland, a woman I’ve never before seen in my entire happy life startled me with a hug — along a public walkway somewhere. She was Fred’s officemate, of course.

When she found out I wasn’t him, she jumped into an open manhole. Of course, I was kidding about the open manhole. It was actually closed. Nonetheless, it was a spectacle seeing her face collapse in embarrassment. Good thing she didn’t carry a knife or a rope that time. But I carried a smile on my face until the next weekend thinking about it.


Fred has his own stories to tell, but this is not his blog post.


Back to the main point.

Don’t you wish this pandemic is over already? The lipstick industry is losing heavily.

Cheers to the new normal.


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