To The Rain

I woke up early this morning to prepare for a round of golf that my golf buddies and I have been so excited about. It’s been forever since we played -two weeks, I think.

But it rained hard. Very hard. Hard to not-notice. Hard to pretend it’s just a drizzle, it will be sunny in a while. Hard to the heart.

The group decided to cancel and all went back to bed dejected, disappointed, disheartened, and dispirited, all in alphabetical order.

After a short nap, I went back down for some coffee. While at it, I scrolled my phone photos for pictures of our recent golf games. It was the next best thing to swinging a club outdoors.

I raise this cup to you, oh rain. I still hear you loud and clear. You have the power to ruin a parade, the might to create floods and traffic, and the emotional muscle to make a little child cry.

But you have a better purpose. I know so. I believe so. But now is not the time to ponder upon your good reasons. With this cup, I dwell in my misery. I commiserate with my sad comrades dreaming of a par or a birdie on a sunny day. 

That day will come. Without your single, tiny drop.




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