Time Travel

If I were to time travel, 63 years ago today is the time I would go back to. My birth day. 

If allowed, I’d bring my iPhone or my Nikon cam with me to take pictures of me and my twin brother, Fred, and our dear Inang holding us in her arms. Or maybe a picture of each of us in her loving embrace of her third and fourth babies. 

I don’t have a photo of me as a baby, let alone with my mother. Although I was told that I was, there is nothing to remind me of how cute and cuddly I looked when I was born. Or the year after that. Or the next year. The earliest existing picture of us was on our 7th birthday —the one traditionally celebrated big time in this country. Big time for us then was having a birthday cake and candles to blow out. There were no second or third takes for pictures —the photographer would have taken an extra limb from my father if there had been any.

So yes, I’d steal some shots with my dear Inang. And maybe of my siblings, too. And of my dear Tatang. I was told my lolo was there also. So, yeah, I’d snap-snap away for more. I am taking this chance of making good memories of the past so I will make it count. And then travel back with all these pics on my phone or camera. 

Back to the present, I will check my phone photos, and scan those pics taken 63 years ago. Or a few minutes ago. Take your pick. Then, no matter how bad this day may turn out, when the reality of living in this world creeps back like hot lava —I will feel better, it will surely put a smile on my face, and it will be a happy birthday for me. And I can honestly say with 100% certainty, that I remember the day I was born like it happened just a few minutes ago. Ain’t that amazing?

With or without the memories of the time, I still raise this cup to that day when Fred and I were born, 45 minutes apart —arguably two of the best things that happened to the world on that most beautiful Sunday morning:

     when everything was still black and white;

     when connected had a different meaning;

     when selfie and photobombing weren’t even words yet;

Sixty-three long years ago. God is good all the time.

Happy birthday, Fred! I hope you hit an eagle in the next round we play. Me, I’d settle for a par game.



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6 thoughts on “Time Travel”

  1. A very Happy Birthday to you and Fred! Your Inang and Tatang would be very proud of you of what you and Fred had become and had achieved so far in life. Continue to be an inspiration to others
    Im a fan, Mr Blogger!! Enjoy your day🎂🎂🎂

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