The Greatest Performance of my Life

I am empowered by the prayers of other people, and I help empower them through mine.

This is one blog post like no other because it has a call to action at its end. It also carries with it hope that you will respond to the call. 

More than seven years ago, I had this idea of developing an online platform through which people, sharing similitudes like birthdays, professions, hobbies, or interests can be united —one person per country. I just thought it’d be cool to have one friend in every country in the world born on the same day I was born, as an example. Or born twins, on the same day, like we were. Or coffee-lover fans of James Taylor. Or electrical engineers practicing lighting design. The list is infinite.

After paying small-time web developers and programmers (I could not afford expensive ones), they came up with an application that was absolutely worthless. Money down the drain. With little resources I had, the idea remained just a silly dream.

Then an inspiration hit me like a lightning bolt out of the dark skies. Instead of interests or birthdays or professions, why not prayers? And the best prayer that I know where many can participate, and above all, unite in, is the Holy Rosary. It’s been around for centuries, it’s wildly popular all over the world, it’s easy to learn, and there are hundreds of millions of people who already know the prayers by heart. It’s perfect for my purpose. The basic rosary comprises 74 prayers or prayer beads. What if those 74 prayers were prayed by 74 people from 74 countries and each person prayed in his/her own language? 

I prayed harder and dug deeper into my pocket to hire better people. The result: was born! I created this site with a specific goal in mind: to unite people around the world through prayers. Unless I come up with a way to grow trees overnight, I’d like to think this is the most important work I will ever do in my lifetime.

Now the call.

I am looking for Catholics in at least 80 countries to pilot this project. They will be those who will respond if prayer intentions are posted by anyone anywhere. Please join and if you know any faithfuls in other countries, please ask them to take part also. 

Here’s a two-minute video of how it works (and you have two minutes of your time, right? 😉):

And here’s a video of how a completed rosary looks (or sounds) like when 74 people from 74 countries prayed in their own language. Play it while meditating, while driving, while walking or jogging.

See you at Rosary of the Nations. Cheers!

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