The Day I Embraced the World

“What do we know, dad?”

This is a line from a movie I recently watched on Netflix, A Family Man. These were the words of a sick child, Ryan, to his dad asking about some of the famous landmarks of Chicago. One of them is the Chicago Tribune where over “100 rock fragments from famous sites around the world are embedded into the walls of the Tower.” 

In the movie, Ryan, followed by his dad, appeared to embrace the wall after hearing about the story of the “one from that building in New York,” referring to the wall fragment from World Trade Center.

I came to Chicago downtown to do the same and on the same spot shown in the movie, I embraced the world. For a good minute, I prayed for the victims of violence, of wars. And for a few seconds in that minute, I also remembered those in my country —victims of injustice, of martial law, dead and living and those who suffered and are no longer remembered.

This Windy City has given me more insights than vision. 

Chicago, I will not forget. Everytime a cool wind gives me a chill somewhere and sometime in the future, I will remember what I remembered that day I embraced the world.

I raise my coffee cup to you, Chi-town. Cheers!

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