The Beauty of Creation

There is nothing like a dream to create the future. —Victor Hugo

Isn’t it amazing to create something in your mind and make it real, so real you can actually touch it?

During our recent visit to the U.S., I had the opportunity to see, be in and actually touch two of the obras maestras of Santiago Calatrava, a world-famous architect, painter, and sculptor. Looking at The Oculus (NY) and Milwaukee Art Museum, I knew I was staring at something that, at first, only resided in Calatrava’s imagination. An unseen thought bubble. And from that simple pigment, stood giant structures made of steel and concrete, designed to last for decades and sometimes, for centuries.



I felt so small. Overwhelmed and a bit envious, even. But with much respect.

In my line of work that is lighting design, I also start with that tinypigment lingering in my head like a light bulb going off. The end result is not something you can touch or hear or smell but something to look at and to feel. Set mood with. With a flick of a switch, it goes out. It disappears. It appears again. But unlike a concrete structure, it can dynamically change colors and intensity and move to a beat at the speed of light.

Different discipline, different outcome…

A chef creates food that satisfies all senses.

An author writes stories that arouse the imagination.

…but to the creator —the gratification of finally seeing his/her creation, priceless.

In my discipline, I am content with the thought that without light, you see no creation.

I see this beautiful cup of coffee creation. So good to the smell. Now I touch. And I sip.


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