The 2024 Psalm

So there goes January. Doing a bit like February, gone fast and furious. That’s 8⅓ percent gone in the blink of an eye. Normally, this is when I’d be doing my self-assessment look-back —you know, checking which New Year’s resolutions survived the onslaught of the initial ups and downs of 2024. But I’ve learned my lesson —I decided to skip the resolution musical this time. No resolutions, no disappointments, right?

So what does that leave me with? Now is a perfect opportunity to take stock of the opening chunk of the year. It’s like a SONA (State of the Nation Address) without the lies. And false promises. And pork barrels. And fancy gowns.

Whether it’s personal improvement, business matters, family relations, or golf, I am well aware that repeating last year’s actions will likely result in identical outcomes. As a witty t-shirt might boldly proclaim, it’s a case of “Same Sh*t, Different Year.” So profound.

I am hopeful, though. This 2024 song hasn’t even hit the chorus yet. I haven’t gone off-key, either. I mean, I am good but I need to be better. 

One thing’s for sure —January may be swift, but it’s given me some sort of a tune material to keep this song playing to my beat. 

Here’s to progress, no matter how andante they come by, and to the 91⅔ percent of the year waiting to pull an ensemble on us! 


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