Senseless Driving

Bothered by pain of having two middle trigger fingers, I decided to have them injected with liquid corticosteroids into the base of each. I knew that enough was enough finding myself becoming more short-handed.

When you’re in pain, there’s no second thoughts taking the easy way out. But the after effects, I did not anticipate.

It turned out to be a reckless decision driving alone to the clinic, 5½ kms away. The procedure required that I’d be locally anaesthetized at the injection points. Within the following half-hour, the upper area of my palm and all but the thumbs and pinkies were numb. I couldn’t feel half my cellphone. Texting became very difficult. Picking my nose was quite a senseless experience.

Driving with hands in nearly rigor mortis state wasn’t any less difficult. It felt like driving an EV in auto-drive mode. Believe me when I say I was steering with the unaffected lower part of the palms of the hands pressed against the wheel. It was so strange.

No small feat I arrived home unscathed navigating the most challenging rush-hour traffic in the city. 

Life’s lessons can numb more than just the fingers.

This is just one for my daily journal. Maybe two:

…when these bad fingers get better, I have one less crappy golf game alibi.

…if not, I will go for the open trigger finger release surgery. A new alibi presents itself.

Coffee cheers to that!

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