Saving The Planet, My Way

Tell me. When was the last time you didn’t do what you were supposed to do, but still made a difference to the planet’s well-being just because?

Yesterday, I saved several liters of water. Because I didn’t take a shower. Or a bath. Or a spritz of steam under my armpits.

I’ve been so used to take one after my afternoon runs which I now do almost everyday. But yesterday, I had to leave early afternoon for a late afternoon meeting with one of my big clients. I came back home around dinner time. Dog tired and mentally-drained, missing a shower was a treat I couldn’t resist. Yeah, when you’re my age, you’d understand.

Hey, I didn’t sweat a half-a-drop yesterday. But even if I did, it would still have been ok because I am an ABCC11 gene carrier. Yep, I don’t smell. Bath or no bath. I’ve never used deodorants toda mi vida.

Which brings me to how much, then, did I contribute to air pollution yesterday? Nada. Zero.

Summary of my contribution to Mother Nature:

  Water saved.

  No air pollution.

  No noise pollution (did not honk horn in traffic).

Conclusion: There are times when being useful means doing nothing at all. That’s efficient living, ain’t it?

I am not declaring war vs. taking a shower. Yesterday just happened the way it did –peacefully. 

God bless Mother Earth.



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