Riddle Me This

Let me tell you about my tiny adventure with the clinic that I visited for my steroid injections (read previous story here). 

First up, they waste a lot of paper.

As soon as I stepped in, I was asked to sign in by the security guard: name, address, telephone. After waiting for a few minutes, the reception gave me a paper to fill out. This one is for the health card provider that they need to get approval from. Mind you, I already gave them the physical card that had a magnetic strip that contains details of my life including all the sorrowful triple bogeys I made. Then, since this was my first time to visit this branch, yet a new form. What happened to online connection between branches? And finally, another one for the laboratory work to measure the amount of disgust and uric acid level in my blood. Bloody hell!

Why? Am I a grumpy old man to rant about this during this cyber age? I mean, for the love of Alexa and Siri!

Second is the waiting room/reception setup. The front door leads a visitor directly to several rows of immovable chairs facing the reception area. Patients sit with their backs against the door, fronting the reception to wait for their number to be called. For supposed entertainment, a TV is mounted, not on the front where all chairs face, but on the left wall! For anyone wanting to watch, he has to twist his gaze to the left side. A Jacky Chan movie was playing during my wait but I tried avoiding it lest I add neck strain to my list of consultations.

Why? Who did they consult for their interior design? I bet it was the receptionist. She has the best view of the wall.

I was waiting for another paper to fill out but was not given: a post-visit suggestions form.

Apart from these, the health service was good because tho’ I still couldn’t wrap my steroidal fingers around these mysteries, they feel better already. 

Life is still good while I drink this cup.


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