Renovation: It’s Mental!

If you want to know how much stuff you have stored in your house, renovate your kitchen.

It is what we’ve been doing now for the past four weeks —tear down all cabinets, move everything movable out of the way of construction and painting, and turn the rest of the house as a holding area for all those movables. It ain’t a pretty sight at all.

With every square meter of the house occupied, our parkour skills got an instant boost in traversing from point A to point B without losing balance. Online meetings are a major challenge when drilling and hammering cancel out any other sound, online or offline. Wonder no more why I have done no coffee cup reflections lately. Inspirations are hardest to come by when the area in your brain used in generating ideas from is as messy as the living room floor.

Plans for the renovation started a few weeks before the virus invasion. The design was finalized and the contractor was all set. Then lockdown after lockdown.

At the turn of the year, a neighbor started a major renovation. I spoke to his contractor, showed him the plans and asked for an estimate. A few more persistent bargainings and a round of beers, a deal was struck. A few days later, dust enveloped the entire place.

Much of the dust has settled now though —a good portion of which rested in our lungs. The kitchen is now beginning to look a lot like the perspectives my Interior Designer made at the start.

I’d like to believe that we are at the end of this pandemic. And when it finally does, it just feels good to the bone that I have something new to look forward to. Inspired cooking. Inspired dining. My barista son’s little coffee nook gets its upgrade, too. And maybe, more inspirations for me to write about.

But first, nightmare —we have to bring back all those movables in. A good portion will not return anymore. That is a positive thing. Which to place where and how for those that will? I’ll let the queen do the thinking.

For now, it’s a cup of strong coffee for me. Please!


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