Remember the Times of Your Life

Amazing how a little, even innocent gesture can go a long way for a long time.

I was doing my usual run around our village one late afternoon when kids of all ages loiter on the playground and in the streets. There was this eight-to-tenish boy with a basketball who I run into with his troop almost every time. But there was this one time that made my day.

Walking towards me in the opposite direction of my run, he greeted me with a wave and a smile, “Hi, Kuya!Kuya literally means older brother in Tagalog but is lately used to address a security guard, a resto server, a garbage collector, a driver, a mayor, a king, etc.

I had all of those options to choose which of the categories I belong to in the mind of the little lad. I chose big brother. Then I waved and smiled back, “Hi buddy,” and went on with my run. I chose to be happy. The smile stayed ’til the next lap.

This old brain of mine is hard-wired to remember things and events that made me feel good. Like the time when I beat my uncle for the first time in chess; someone slipped a sweet greeting card into my notebook in high school even if never got to find out who did it; my wedding day (or else); my funny first airplane ride. The list is long.

On my deathbed, if someone asked me about good memories, these and the chubby kid of my ‘hood, I will surely recall.

Hey kid! Cheers!



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