Rediscovering Hong Kong

It’s good to be back in Hong Kong after four years, thanks to the pandemic easing its grip. Hong Kong is my happy place —though I might reconsider if Hawaii enters the picture. But for now, it’s Hong Kong. Despite its bustling streets, crowded subways, and perpetually packed places, this city offers solace, providing a break from my usual daily hustles. As long as it’s not business work that I am walking, talking, and hustling for, it is a respite for me. 

I am back to the annual lighting fair in Wan Chai where I get updated with the latest and the brightest trends in the industry. This is work-related alright, but since it’s not within the confines of the office, it still brightens up my day.

It felt like a homecoming as well, returning to our usual hotel where most of my favorite shops including traditional Chinese restaurants that serve the best dimsum dishes are literally within sniffing distance. Conveniently, bus, tramway, and train stations are just a short stroll away, never more than a few minutes on foot.

A visit to Tung Chung for the best deals in town, siempre. For a bargain sucker tourist like me, a stopover here is non-negotiable.

I am back to my favorite church, Christ the King in Causeway Bay, where I hear mass every day. Even if services are done in Cantonese for most days, I can still follow the mass sequence and respond accordingly.

Nathan road, Canton road, Harbour City, Mongkok, Central station —I am a little kid in a toy store!

Life caught up with me, or I caught up with life in Hong Kong. I was 24 again, reminiscent of my first encounter. It was too good to last, though. Now, I’ve gone back home to where real life-work is, but feeling rejuvenated. This will last until the feeling of “I need a vacation” creeps back in.

Bet your love handles, I shall return.


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