Plant Now, Shade Later

“A society grows old when old men plant trees in whose shade they know they shall never sit.”

This beautiful proverb will sound Greek to you if you’re unconcerned about your grandchildren’s grandchildren. But the ancient Greeks, turned out, did. The not so ancient past and the present are proofs of that, albeit imperfect.

I see myself as an old man because I am. I am turning 62 in a few weeks. Sixty-two in any language, shape and form is old. And I have an opportunity to be that person in the proverb not just because I am old. But also because I am in the present when my actions can help shape the future.

Over the next few months, I am not just flicking a switch or turning a water valve, I will prepare my heart and mind to elect the new leaders of our country.  

I prepare by praying. That God will anoint those that I vote for. That they may not only serve people wholeheartedly but also bring people closer to God, and be pleasing before God.

I prepare by contributing not only my time but also my resources knowing these will not go to waste or be pocketed because I will not be voting for proven thieves and crooks who have enriched themselves thru corruption. I am paying much attention now to my conscience more than ever.

Part of what makes this planting difficult is the fake information out there surrounding those who cannot tell the difference. 

I am only in the present until I am not. And in the shade of the tree I am planting now, I hope many will find rest sitting.


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