One Iced Hot Americano, Please

See the picture? I can be a non-conformist when it comes to my taste buds. This morning was one of those few times.

My usual barista was still very much attached to his couch-bed feeling a bit under due to allergies. And morning tamaritis. But I am due for a cup already. Besides, the wife needs to go to the supermarket. Fast.

And so the doable lieutenant -his favorite sister, stepped up to serve me. She asked me to check the machine’s temp if it was hot enough. I touched one part I wasn’t supposed to touch when the machine is turned on. Ouch yes, it was hot enough.

After a couple of moves, left and right, she successfully pulled one for the Dada. I tried one sip. Ouch yes, it was too hot enough. 100°C can burn. Believe me!

Two blisters in one sitting -somehow, that ain’t right. I must do something to undelay the grocery-ing. Two ice cubes did the trick. At 93°C, my lips were safe.

I am surrounded by love in this family of mine. It’s just that there are days when the intensity of it is felt stronger than the others.

Now you see the picture better.


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