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Oh My Eggs!

My clumsiness this morning cost the family all our breakfast eggs.

I was setting the table for breakfast where four sunny-side-ups on a single serving plate were beautifully set. Five stars for presentation, really.

Among the clutter I was clearing was a small transparent re-purposed packaging made of plastic. It appeared empty. With aimless determination, I took in everything my hands could hold that was getting in the way of a clean breakfast table. Then, it happened.

The clear packaging contained a clear thick liquid which emptied into the plate of eggs. The liquid was Ant-Rid —poison for ants that my son Andre placed the night before.

Those were the last four eggs we have. I thank God for a compassionate and understanding wife that saved mine from being scrambled. And I have this cup to celebrate my new life.

Peanut butter sandwich never tasted better.

Today, may you find in your inner heart to let go of resentments and be forgiving. Just like my lovely bride.


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