Not Your Usual Fairway Tale

A round of golf can be distressing. Not just because of missed birdie putts and slices going beyond golf course boundaries. After more than two years of playing the game, I’ve somehow accepted that these are part of the game -my so-so game. 

Then, my caddy -a  married, female caddy, who, according to the other caddies in my flight, is physically abused by her husband. In times like this, it’s easy to turn from a lousy golfer to a lousy marriage counselor. 

“(Tell her to) Leave the husband,” I suggested to one of the other caddies.

“She can’t,” downright rejecting my bright counsel. “Four kids!”

The simple life I knew, for a brief moment, became like a game of golf for me, difficult and complicated. I searched my golf bag for a brochure on “How to Deal With an Abusive Husband” or “How to Keep a Happy Life Despite Having a Miserable Married Life.” Nothing in the bag that will help. 

Nothing more I can do for now. I switched back to being the lousy but handsome golfer which I consider myself to be. Not a miracle worker.

But miracles do happen when a prayer is lifted. This I believe!

That night, I had a special not-so-golf-related entry to our family prayers.

I raise this morning cup to a better golf game for me and to a better life for someone I hardly knew.


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