New Year Ponderings

On one Saturdate with my wife Rissa, I noticed a group of lively middle-aged, fortysevenish spruced-up women from across our table. Rissa thought it must have been a reunion of sorts, maybe high school classmates who have not seen one another in wrinkles. “Probably from St. Theresa’s,” she assumed. Rissa came from the same school -which is nearby from where we were having breakfast. She and her old classmates often hold similar reunions. Same birds. Same feathers. She can smell.

I thought differently. Because that was early morning, I wondered: what time did they wake up to choose a dress, matching bag and shoes, perfume and bling-blings? Do hair and make-up? Rinse and repeat? 

But because it’s the New Year and half-resolved not to mind other people’s business unless it brings me legal and honest money, I dared not rise from my seat and ask them. Afraid, too, that my wife will disown me.

So I let them be. My inquisitive mind is at peace.


The same peace was disturbed while driving back home. Near our place is a small intersection that can rival the famous Shibuya Crossing. On a normal weekday, daredevil motorcycles and tricycles, cars, buses and trucks take their chance beating each other while avoiding peddlers pushing carts and careless pedestrians spill their guts and blood on the pavement. Unlike the Japanese crossing, ours doesn’t have traffic lights to control the chaos. There are no time limits. Cross at your cardiac expense.

But since it’s the New Year and half-resolved not to rant and complain at every opportunity, I made the Sign of the Cross and crossed.

So I let them be. My critical mind is at peace.

Every New Year brings hope -I preach to myself. And this hope brings me joy.

Then I can smile a little more and love a little more.

I wish the same for you all.

Happy New Year! 2023 Cheers!


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