My Old Man and Me. Two Ordinary People.

A day before my board exams for Electrical Engineering, my dear Tatang came from the province to show support. My study group had been busting our tailbones daily to prepare for the exams. But on the eve of the exams, we were told by our wise-cracking professors to take it easy. Chill is the word we use these days. But those were the days, my friend.

My old man and I went to see Ordinary People β€”a drama. I must have chosen it because Tatang would have gone for a non-stop action movie like Die Hard or MI or FF over a heavy drama flick featuring a non-stop yackety-yakking. Why I chose that movie? I don’t know. Maybe because it won the Oscar’s Best Picture that year or the math and engineering formulas residing in my head at that time may have poisoned my simple decision-making abilities.

That was 42 stone-age years ago. I wanted to re-watch it to see how good or bad it really was and to find out how much torment my old man was willing to suffer if only to be with me that day.

So I re-watch it. Just recently. My conclusion β€”it is a good movie. And my father suffered much because there is absolutely no way he would have appreciated it. I just hope that he slept through it after finishing his popcorn and soda.

I also wanted to see it again to see how much I was loved by my dear Dada. The bus ride from Bataan; multiplied by 120 minutes of heavy drama stuff right before your eyes; plus checking on your sonny boy’s sanity before a big day; equals unqualified love.

We were ordinary people sans the drama, significant to each other. We were happier than those characters in the movie.

Happy Father’s day, Tatang. I love you and I miss you.Β 

Cheers to you!

PS. I’m playing golf now so please watch over me. πŸ†˜ 😊

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