My Final Post…

I can see signs of the times: people exchanging faces and sweats in trains; seniors blowing their noses in public; and, I don’t see O X O X in urinals anymore. Yep, methinks the pandemic is nearing its end. It’s that or we are all beginning to live with the unseen enemy —regarding it like the simple flu or upper diarrhea.

That is good news, I’d like to believe. This is the reason why I hope this will be the last post in my pandemic chronicles.

Just a few things I want to write about —what this pandemic took away from us.

Pia, our 8-year old little neighbor used to holler “Bye!” on top of her voice from the back of the car with her Lola or mommy driving past our house on their way to school. With online classes, that morning order came to a halt when the virus struck. That big bye holler would have, in the past two years, transitioned into a mild bye shout, to a murmur bye, to just a wave of the hand, to too-busy-tiktoking-to-wave. Enjoying the transition is part of life’s enjoyment. But none of that happened.

Babies became toddlers.

Toddlers became big kids.

Hair turned gray.

Weight went over.

Negative was something positive.

Health became mental.

Promises were forgotten.

Fake news spread.

Common sense shrunk.

Carabaos flew.

I want to holler BYE! pandemic. You’ve had your time. Enough already.

I’ll drink this cup in peace.



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