My Bucket List

Isnโ€™t it about time I do this? The list has only been written at the back of my mind since Stone Age. Writing it here will surely pressure me. Some are still doable. I have chucked many out due to health, age and money.

The health benefits of having one far outweighs the unnecessary pressure. For one, they keep me going. At this age, if you have nothing to look forward to, you deteriorate faster. And for another, updating the list keeps track of my achievements and unachievements. Shall we?

๐‚๐š๐ฉ๐ญ๐ฎ๐ซ๐ž ๐ฌ๐ญ๐ž๐ซ๐ฅ๐ข๐ง๐ ๐ฌ ๐Ÿ๐ฅ๐ฒ ๐ข๐ง ๐ฆ๐ฎ๐ซ๐ฆ๐ฎ๐ซ๐š๐ญ๐ข๐จ๐ง. Big word, I know. For brevity, Iโ€™ll let Google do its thing for you. But watch a video of this on YouTube and youโ€™ll know why. This merits buying a new camera!

๐’๐ž๐ž ๐ญ๐ก๐ž ๐€๐ฎ๐ซ๐จ๐ซ๐š ๐๐จ๐ซ๐ž๐š๐ฅ๐ข๐ฌ. Who doesnโ€™t want to, right? Blame it on movies and TV shows Iโ€™ve seen, including Flash Gordon. Another point towards the camera.

๐‘๐ฎ๐ง/๐ฃ๐จ๐  โ€™๐ญ๐ข๐ฅ ๐ˆโ€™๐ฆ ๐Ÿ•๐Ÿ“. Iโ€™ve been running on/off since my Saudi days when I was in my 20s. Running gives me a different high that I canโ€™t get just by walking. Currently, I run 5k twice a week. I wouldnโ€™t mind if by my bingo age, 2 or 3k is all I can muster.

๐๐ซ๐ž๐š๐ค ๐š ๐ก๐ฎ๐ง๐๐ซ๐ž๐ ๐ข๐ง ๐ ๐จ๐ฅ๐Ÿ ๐ฌ๐š๐ง๐ฌ ๐ฆ๐ฎ๐ฅ๐ฅ๐ข๐ ๐š๐ง๐ฌ. This item used to be learn how to play golf. Iโ€™ve upgraded. My best round so far is 126 with a couple of second chances.

๐‹๐ž๐š๐ซ๐ง ๐š ๐ง๐ž๐ฐ ๐ฅ๐š๐ง๐ ๐ฎ๐š๐ ๐ž. Thanks to my daughter and to K-dramas, Hangeul it is. When I was younger, I found learning French and spoken Arabic easy. I could get by as a tourist in France and other French-speaking countries, to the amazement of my travel buddies. But at this age, it takes more effort. Iโ€™m not giving up yet.

๐๐ฎ๐›๐ฅ๐ข๐ฌ๐ก ๐š ๐›๐จ๐จ๐ค. I am blogging and writing for several online platforms. Taking it slow. Weโ€™ll see. I remember many years ago; I tried with Time magazine. I was rejected. I was just applying for a subscription.

I stop here. Better safe with only a few, but let me also list those that I have crossed out:

Bungee jump. Canโ€™t do for health reasons.

Learn to swim. Done. I was almost 30 years old when I enrolled in a Milo swimming class for adults.

Retire at 50. Duh. I started my design company after turning 50.

Design a website. Done 4x.

Iโ€™ll probably update this next year or when this pandemic ends. Until then, letโ€™s live life.


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