Mi Familia

Here’s an artist’s rendition of my family. Not too accurate but some details cannot be denied.

The one with the hairless head resembles me. I mean, it’s supposed to be me. If you got this one wrong, you may offend 75% of this household. Them, the rest of the family who still buy, keep, and use hairbrushes and hair conditioners. And from what I see, they will do so for a long time.

There’s something not right with my render, though. In real life, I still do have hair on my head -on the sides and at the back. But that’s maybe too tiny a detail that the artist didn’t bother adding. A hundred tiny microdots would have been precise.

Then our height. The other male in the renders appeared a lot taller than the bald guy. It ain’t so in reality. Andre is just a few millimeters taller given that he’s got thicker and taller hair. Another cruel travesty of truth.

The photo on which this interpretation was based was when we attended a wedding at the Manila Cathedral. Notice our barong tagalogs and the long black dresses of the ladies? The outfits as shown almost reflect the true formality of the occasion. This I give the artist. On point.

The doll beside me is my bride. No doll can do justice to her beauty. Next to her is the princess of the family. Notice the tiny earrings and pearls around her neck? Princess, yeah.

Now let’s take a look at the shapes and sizes. This is the part where I shut my mouth or I’ll be rendered unfavorably and lose ninety-nine pogi points. 

I will stop here. Just meet us in person. You’ll see what I mean.

Amigos y amigas, ángeles y santos, esta es mi familia. 

Peace on earth.


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