Life’s a Scare

Home Sweet Home. This was never sweeter than last night when I got home from a hospital’s ER.

The previous night until yesterday morning, I was spitting red. The previous night didn’t last more than 20 minutes, and my body gauge didn’t really register a red light. I was told by our family doctor to have an x-ray the next day. I slept unworried dreaming of the next golf weekend.

Yesterday morning came and went with more red! After the Sunday mass, we proceeded to a resto in Timog for the usual brunch. I asked for a warmer-than-warm welcome drink. Unfortunately, that triggered the panic button. Cough after cough yielded more.

With no time to lose and empty stomachs, the son and the wife brought me to Lung Center while the daughter stayed with my brother’s family. I was lucid enough to know that I couldn’t bring the whole barangay with me to the hospital.

The hospital ER’s room temp was a prep for a body going into the morgue -it was effing freezing cold. Also, a bag full of ice was placed on my chest to prevent further bleeding. I wasn’t sure that if I died in there, it might have been a toss-up between losing blood and hypothermia.

X-ray and CT scan initial findings were a multiple choice: pneumonia, TB, or a cyst. No, I wasn’t given a choice. I was told instead to wait for the official results in two or three days. I have that much to storm the heavens with prayers.

Life offers all sorts of surprises. I guess this is a manifestation that its beauty lies in having parts bitter equal parts sweet. I would have never, never thought that such would happen to me. I run regularly. I don’t eat meat. I play golf. I’ve kept my BMI within normal. I play golf. I pray.

This is not to say that all these are for naught. I mean, the Lord died in order to save us, right? Somehow, that comforted me. 

There was another thought that consoled my freezing mind -that this, too, will pass. I was psyched.

On our drive back, I smiled recalling it -that it did pass. I prayed the worst is over.

I was told not to eat or drink anything warm or hot because it might trigger another similar episode. Now I know. Meds were given to control both cough and bleeding.

This morning, I raise this iced coffee and say cheers to a brand new morning.


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