Learning from the Past

Insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results –Einstein

I agree with Albert Einstein. But I confess I don’t consistently practice what it promotes.

Like two days ago. After nearly a year, I’ve finally made good use of my health card membership for a blood chem. Clinics and hospitals were last in the list of places I would ever want to go to due to the pandemic. Also, tied in last place were funeral chapels.

And here’s my confession. I was actually hoping —praying that results of my lab tests are ok, esp my uric acid level. For the last few months, my diet consisted of high purine foods I should have avoided. And prayers may just be what I needed for a different result.

In the afternoon, the verdict came. Although my cholesterol and sugar counts were all ok, my uric was off the chart. So silly of me to expect a normal count even if my diet hasn’t changed since the last blood test.

I can’t expect a different result if I did the same thing over and over again:

I can’t expect that my muscle mass to increase if I only did the same weights, the same reps, the same sets every workout;

I can’t expect my resistance to get better if I ran the same frequency, the same route, the same length, the same time, every run;

I can’t expect to have a better bottom line in my business if I employed the same services, the same marketing, the same efforts;

I can’t expect a better country if I elected the same criminals, cheaters, liars and thieves into power. It’s like finding a hammer to hit your stubborn head hard with. It can’t be any clearer than that!

I must do better, think better, choose better. Unless I am a bigger fool myself.

I must learn from the past. I must never forget. 


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