I’ve Won Pulitzer!

Add to that the Nobel for literature.

It’s just how I actually feel right now. The reason is not a Pulitzer or the Nobel. What made me feel like a winner was one article in medium.com from one writing mentor-coach where my name was mentioned.

In the article, the author, John Cunningham, wrote, “His writing truly touches my heart.” Whoa! Did I, really?

I know it’s not that big a deal for many, but for a simple man who takes little to be happy, it sends me to a euphoric state so intense I could dance!

My writings — and you know this, are an ensemble of confusion and mediocrity, many times not hitting the mark I was aiming for. I agree that consistent practice makes perfect, but finding time and inspiration is a challenge.

Many more important things can get into my writing time like corporate work — I run a lighting design company. Then there is laundry. We do not have any maid nor do we outsource. I am duty-bound. Rinse and repeat.

And running. And golf. And Netflix. And toilet.

As opposed to doing laundry, writing is a non no-brainer task. For me, at least. And since I am not a Bo Sanchez who can write while riding a boat on rough waters — yep, I’ve been in one with him, an accolade from a fellow writer (😎 ) brings out the little child in me. It takes a little to make me happy. 

John’s article and the comments I receive for #mycoffeecupreflections raise my level from mediocrity to exceptional. You, likewise, though unknowingly, touch my heart.


If you’ve been touched, amused, or entertained by this post, or it put a smile on your face, please favor me with a cup of coffee. I will continue writing.

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