I’ve Got a Big Problem. But.

I’ve just been informed by my accountant that I owe the government P1.750 million in taxes, penalties, surcharges, coconuts, and melons. Ya. That big. Though it’s nowhere near bigger than the P220+ billion a big guy in the government owes the government (and the people), it still looks and feels big to a tiny businessman like me. But unlike that guy, I intend to pay because I always pay my taxes. But then, why owe?

“Open cases,” it’s what they call them. And I intend to find out, dig deep into our archives for the last 10 years, and pray like I’ve never prayed before.

For now, I am taking comfort in comparing sizes.

This problem may be as big as the Earth I see. Versus the sun, more than a million Earths can fit in it assuming they don’t melt in the fitting process. But my problem ain’t as big as the Earth. 

It may be as big as the sun. Versus the Milky Way galaxy, 1.5 trillion suns or stars can fit into it. At the speed of light, it will take over a hundred thousand years to traverse it. But my problem ain’t as big as the sun, either.

It may be as big as the Milky Way. Versus the universe, the Milky Way is merely a tiny, negligible speck of dust. It will take forever at the speed of forever² to cross it. Just thinking about this makes me sleepy. But my problem ain’t as big as the Milky Way, either.

It may be as big as the universe. But there is Someone faster than the speed of light and bigger than this universe we know so little of. He is the Great Light and the maker of this universe. He is God Almighty. Not only is He bigger than the universe, He transcends it. Just thinking about this gives me peace.

This problem may look big to me compared to the material resources I have but I have a bigger God. And it is to Him that I pray.

So I sip this cup in confidence and in peace.




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