It’s a Twin Thing

Our hearts do not beat at the same time and at the same rhythm. Many people say we look the same, our voices sound the same, we say the same corny daddy jokes. But that’s probably just about it.
Fred and I are fraternal twins born many, many, many leap years ago. I don’t recall having sibling rivalry between us. Neither of us was smarter or stronger. Although one maybe, just maybe, a tad more handsome than the other. I am not saying who, though. I will let history judge us.
To this day, I believe we were born with a natural talent for knowing what to give each other for our birthday. Last week was another testament to this belief. We gave each other a polo shirt.
During one brunch, I showed him how much I liked the yellow sports shirt that I just bought from Uniqlo. He liked it as well. He asked what size I wear. I said small since the size I was looking for, which is extra-medium wasn’t available. That gave him something to think about. That gave me something to think about. That was a week before our birthday.
In the store he went to buy, he tried on a shirt. Small wouldn’t fit. So he took the large size instead. We have almost the same body size.
When I went out to buy him one, I speedily took a small-sized green version of my shirt. In and out in a flash. By choosing a different color, we will be better able to tell ourselves apart in the fairway.
Then came the reveal. The shirt he gave me was white. All good. But size was large. But when I tried it on, it fit me as well as the original yellow shirt.
For his part, the small size didn’t meet his fancy. He made use of the gift receipt to have it changed to medium.
It turned out, they were of two different styles, made in two different countries.
Oh well, we are both happy and content. All good. And all good. If you were wondering what would make us happier, break par in a golf game together would be it.

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