Imperfect Beauty

I was waiting for an epiphany of sort to come to write about this morning. Inspirations usually come when I don’t expect them -like while running or doing the dishes, while driving alone, or when seated on the crappy throne.

But earlier, I was somewhat forcing it to happen while doing some chores -not that crappy one, though.

Then I saw my own reflections in this cup -so imperfect and poorly executed (oops! Sorry, Andre). What to appreciate? There’s gotta be something in this.

Then it came: wabi-sabi, -the Japanese idea of “taking pleasure in the imperfect.” What displeases the eyes may be pleasing the other senses.

And just like a warm fart in the night, I’m feeling good already, about this coffee. And about myself. I mean, who wouldn’t after a warm…I raise this cup to finding beauty in every facet of flaw, frailty and fracture!

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