iGoodbye, iHello

I bid farewell to my trusty sidekick, the iPhone X —my morning paper deliverer, DJ, alarm clock, personal taskmaster, game master, bank assistant, and all-around boss for six glorious years. What a ride!

It’s not like I wanted to break up with it. It’s just that it couldn’t keep up with the latest iOS updates anymore, and that’s a major security no-no for my business. Plus, the whole 5G thing—it wasn’t hard-wired for it. And my family guilt-tripping about me using the ancient X while they flaunt their fancy 13s and 14s. Everyone was so glad I was leveling up. Now they have one reason to upgrade, waiting when the time is right. 🥹

Although it was old, the Apple store agreed to a trade-in for credit toward the purchase of the latest model. After the data migration thingy from the old to the new, it was hard-reset time. Sadly, my old phone no longer recognized me. It was displaying Hello in different languages like the very first time I opened it. Talk about drama!

Sad, but I had to let go. And in the tradition of Marie Kondo, I held it close and whispered, “Thank you for your service.” Then, as if on cue, the new phone played the song Hello, Goodbye by the Beatles. Yep, melodrama, alright.

But happy! I’ve got a new phone now—a little bigger, much faster, and with a touch of that sexy assistant vibe.

Hello, new buddy! Cheers to the future!

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