I Grew Up, Grew Old

During the late 60s or early 70s, there was this Palmolive soap ad often played on TV that left an impression in my young mind. Its allure was that if you use the soap, you will look young or younger. I am referring to a neighbor’s TV here because we didn’t have a TV back then.

Instead of using the product, I avoided it because I wanted to look older. I wanted time to go faster so I can look older. Not using Palmolive should help.

And maybe, it did. I grew up. I grew old.

About half a century later, instead of relying on ads’ deceptive lures, I ask my daughter for advice on what cream to use to remedy puffy eye bags and to help return the elasticity of loose skin in my neck, hands, arms and legs, and large and small intestines. She’d oblige but deep in my epidermis, I know that none of them will work on this old rind —not Palm, not Olive, not Popeye. It’s just because. You know when you’re old, you sometimes run out of reasons for doing anything. You either forget or.

A product to travel back in time may just be the one I need. Hope it comes during my time. Wait, is that an oxymoron?

For now, I will enjoy sipping coffee, living life with wrinkles, and playing golf. With spf100 sunscreen, of course!


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