I Am The Ice-Breaker!

If I were to spruce up my resumé today, I’d put “A good conversation starter” as one of my top skills. Once entering an elevator, people were chanting, “23rd,”15th,” “11th,” and so on. I stepped in and said, “59.” The elevator lady looked at me with disgust and said, “No 59th floor here, sir!” I apologized and said, “Oh I’m sorry, I thought people were saying how old they are.”

Yesterday, it was my first time to play at the Royal Ace Golf Driving Range in the eastern part of sunny Quezon City. For some grand design miscalculations, the players have to drive the ball towards the steaming summer sun. I had to apply sunscreen to keep me from dying of skin cancer. Each ball I hit was swallowed by the sun’s glare. So I had to ask my tee girl, “Is there an option to adjust the sun’s intensity?” She only smiled. I could only read her face telling me, “No dumbo, we can’t dim that light.”

But the good conversational starter skill in me persisted, “Is the sun in the same location during the morning?” I asked, gesturing toward where the sun was setting. This time, she answered back, “No sir, it’s on the other side,” pointing innocently towards the east. Gotcha, girl!

You can count on me to break the ice with strangers or with those I’ve not seen since the Great Flood. As long as I’ve had my cup of coffee, I’m good for a corny anecdote.


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