I am Crossing Off an Item on my Bucket List

Yes, I have a list. I’ve even written about it on this blog

This bucket list entry I am working on has something to do with what I do as a living being trying to make something out of life. I go back to the last 50 years of my existence. I’ve been this and that, and these:

A farmer. I planted and harvested rice (ate it, too), and shepherd a couple of carabaos during summer when asked by my Tatang. Did I enjoy it? Heck, no! Did the carabaos? Hard no!

I’ve been a salesman. I sold lighting fixtures and soap. I’ve even started my own multi-level marketing company. Sales shot up like a rocket but fell twice as fast. That was too good to last.

A TV actor. My God-given good looks were made to good use. I don’t even remember if I was paid for my role. This was when I still had hair.

I was a teacher. This was when I lost most of my hair.

A chauffeur (to my own family).

A web designer. Ya beach, this old dog can do this trick.

A basketball player, runner, tennis player, badminton player, a golfer. Just because I participated in tournaments in all these sports, I consider myself a player. I have trophies to prove.

I’ve been an engineer because that is what I have studied to be. With my lighting design firm, I continue to be.

A writer writing mostly nonsense. But hey, it’s writing.

An author –no, not yet. But soon, that will change. This tiny downy feather will trim my cap this year. I do not know how or exactly when this will turn out but by God’s grace, it will turn out! I won’t be that guy who ran his mouth big time and then crashed hard. Put that in your coffee mug or something. My book will happen.

I’m not crossing off the entry yet. Just my fingers, for now.


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