How do You Recover from an Embarrassing Moment in Your Life?

Life can play tricks on you. I’ve learned to be responsive rather than reactive.

When I was a freshman in High School where everyone except for a few former elementary school classmates was a stranger, I was called to a recitation. I had colds then and couldn’t quite control it. As I tried to recite the answer to a Science question, my nostrils blew off a decent-sized balloon of mucus that left everyone rofl-ing ’til the senior year. The answer I wanted to narrate was: “Mucus is a thinner form of phlegm secretions from the nose.” I didn’t make it past the first syllable of secretions.

Answer: I recovered from it by having another embarrassing moment.

When the laughter died down by the middle of the senior year during a basketball intramural game, I made a spectacular ankle-breaking spinmove-and-lay-up into the opponent’s basket. So by then, it wasn’t just the class rofl-ing. The entire school was. The old principal never looked at me the same way again.

Funny thing is, by college time during get-togethers with old high school friends, no one recalled those two demeaning episodes of my life. Not even my twin brother who was my classmate all throughout high school.

Along this life’s long road to the present, it’s paved with more embarrassments and frustrations than the biggest prime number you know. Me, I’ve learned to live with them, categorizing them under My Life’s Funny Lessons 

I graduated with the fourth-highest honors in that batch. Mine was the last laugh.

Here’s to bouncing back from the grave. Cheers

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