Hey, Arnold!

Walking briskly towards the customer service of Ace Hardware in Mall of Asia, I see him on the phone. I had to wait a few inhale-exhale routines before I could ask,

“I’m looking for Arnold.”

His bewildered look tells me he didn’t know Arnold from Abraham. I am beginning to doubt if I am in the right place, or the right time. Or am I just imagining things in my mind that happened a few hours ago?

Two days prior…

I accidentally spilled milk on Andre’s work+gaming laptop keyboard -from Q to R to V to Z and back to Q. No need to look into your keyboard now. Just keep reading. Immediate reaction was to power it down while turning it over to allow milk to flow out through the keys and to prevent further spread. While Andre held it up, I grabbed the vacuum and vacuumed out from underneath with all its might.

After draining out the vacuum battery, I drove out to all the nearest hardware stores, big and small within 4km radius to look for WD-40 Specialist Contact Cleaner. I was convinced by its label: Cleans sensitive electrical parts; Fast acting; Leaves no residue; New red cap! The item wasn’t available anywhere near.

I let a day pass. Laptop still resting in upside down position.

Two hours prior…

I called Ace Hardware in Mall of Asia to ask if they have the animal I was looking for. The guy at the other end of the line said they do. I asked if he can reserve a can for me and he obliged. I asked for his name and where to look for him.

He said, “Pls look for me at the customer service. My name is…”

Two hours later…

As he leaves his post with his bewildered look to look for Arnold, I told him about the item I asked Arnold to reserve for me. Exasperated, he let out a deep sigh, turned back and said, 

“Oh, that was me -Alfred,” with a forced smile on his face. 

I got my can.

Laptop still works.



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