Gentle Souls

I find it uncommon these days to find someone that strikes you as gentle, kind, and pleasant in the first few minutes of your encounter. One who listens well with a smile before responding. And when she responds, she does so gently but firmly. She speaks with her eyes making up for her brevity of words but concise enough to be understood.

My friend Victoria is one such person. I worked with this gentlest of a person in our community newsletter when I was still single. Given specific tasks, she worked without complaints, even when at times she had to do so outside her comfort zone.

Another gentle soul was Cristy. She loved helping people through our counseling ministry, where we both trained in and served. She ministered to hurting souls with joy, even taking graveyard shifts.

Saints probably inhabit their bodies. The words that come out of their mouths are words that comfort, tunes that soothe the minds, voices that refresh weary minds and souls.

The little things they do cannot be belittled. It’s been ages since I’ve seen Victoria and Cristy has passed on from this life. But the “little” things I’ve seen them do, still inspire me today. And probably, too, those that they have silently touched.

To them and others like them, I raise this cup.


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