Genealogy of My Son

Dear son,

In the beginning, Adam met Eve. Then A met B, then C met D… then Y met Z.

After the Great Flood, Mariano met Trinidad (Espinosa) and Juan met Romana (Rivera); and, Federico met Francisca (David) and Cipriano met Antonia (Kalingasan). Then Bienvenido met Leonila (Espinosa) and Ruben met Natalia (David).

Then I met the lovely Nerissa.

Then came you.

I thank those who came before us starting from the Garden of Eden sans the snake because without them, there will be none of those who had names I do not know and none of those whose names I still remember.

Without them, there is no us. 

Without them, there is no you, Andre Christer —whose name I will never forget. 

Without them, we have no barista to make the best pull day after day.

Without them, I wouldn’t have a son who is self-motivated and has a strong determination to excel at everything he gets his hands on.

From the beginning until the end, I thank God for you, son.

Happy birthday! I love you.

I need my coffee now.


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