First Flight -The New Normal

This was how I looked like inside the airplane. Beneath all the mandatory wraps is my warm flesh. Old and maybe tough (as opposed to tender) but still warm. After nearly three years of being grounded, we are flying way higher than the birds in the sky. And this selfie was taken inside the plane’s toilet, 10kms above sea level -first time ever in my life I’ve done such a thing.

A mix of excitement and apprehension rose in equal measure as we counted the days until it finally happened. Then a good thing —while we were loading our luggage into my brother’s car, our parish priest who was visiting our village, just happened to walk by. Upon knowing that we will be driven off to the airport, he prayed over us. Such a blessing indeed, of being assured of God’s protection.

And so confident of a safe travel, I took this pic. I am really not a selfie person, but seeing my reflection in the mirror prompted it. I wanted to not forget this significant day in my life, no matter how good or how dreadful I looked. For my headgear and outfit, I’d like to thank Muji for the neck cushion that came with a hood, Kleenex for the mandatory face mask, H&M for the hoodie and Asian Eye for my eyewear. The rest of what appears to be plaster is my old skin. I thank God for the 62 years.

So yeah. The story of my flight.

We landed in the Windy City with so little fanfare. I was blown away.



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