Fashionista Yes. Fashionista No.

Inside a Uniqlo store, I found myself in a quandary about whether or not to buy me a pair of jeans – the distressed type with apparent damage, as shown in the picture above. My 62-year old legs were the main reasons for keeping me from buying them. Appropriateness, propriety, sense of decency and my 27-year marriage were the others.

Times like this, I need a lifeline. And so I took this picture on my phone and sent it to my family with the message:

“Will you disown me wearing this?”

Daughter: hahahahaha!

Son: 😶

Wife: Hmmm.

Cryptic answers are the worst, you agree? You need a yes or a no, and you get all sorts of responses that make life even more difficult than before you asked. Good thing I’ve gone familiar with all sorts of codes and unwritten hieroglyphics seen on faces, eyeballs and eyebrows. Sometimes raised elbows, too.

Conclusion: the unanimous answer was a resounding NO!

The universe ain’t fair, but a happy family is a happy life. With my tail tucked between my legs, I bought me a couple of standard, ultra stretch skinny-fit jeans if only to stop my self-esteem from sliding down any further. I am wearing one now as I raise this coffee cup.

Life is.



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