Drive-Thru Show

Early on a Saturday morning, as my family and I embarked on a visit to relatives, the idea of grabbing breakfast on the go led us to choose the drive-thru at a Jollibee store. The queue was quite long, and as we inched closer to the ordering window, the smell of Jolly Longganisaand Pancake meals transformed us from hunger to hungerest.

Finally reaching the first of two windows, we placed our order, paid, and eagerly awaited our Jolly feast in silent starvation. Little did we know, a visual feast was about to unfold before us.

Approaching the second window to claim our order, the drama began to roll. With a friendly wave, the Jollibee crew welcomed the car in front of us. But, to our collective surprise, the driver ignored the friendly gesture. Instead of pulling up to claim their Jollibee meals, the driver steered towards the golden arches of a McDonald’s store, conveniently located just in front of the Jollibee store. It was a moment of sheer confusion for the crew, and we couldn’t help but scratch our belly in disbelief.

The dumbfounded looks on the faces of the crew told me they had forgotten their lines for this one-act play. I leaned forward and casually assured them, “Don’t worry, they’ll be back after their fast-food tour of the area.”

As we savored our Jollibee breakfast treats in the car, we engaged in some serious discussions, pondering over what might have possibly gone awry. Was it a sudden change in taste preferences, an unexpected kick of Alzheimer’s, or perhaps the passengers were undercover drive-thru detectives on a hurried mission?

Regardless, it was a hilarious twist to our otherwise ordinary drive-thru experience, turning a routine breakfast run into an unexpected comedy sideshow – all for free!

Here’s to fast-food drive-thru lanes that offer accidental entertainment for appetizers. Juicilicious!


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