Drive-Thru Ordeal

An intruder flew into my car while ordering drive-thru at McDonald’s Banaue. Its size suggests it was the grandfather of all the cockroaches in that district of Quezon City. I was bawling out my order when it suddenly landed on my windowsill.

“One McChicken with fries and… whoa, COCKROACH!!!”

“Sorry, sir, it’s not available today,” was the response I thought I heard from the voice in the speaker. It wasn’t on the menu, either.

My analytical mind went through a multiple choice of what-to-do-with-the-roach-staring-at-me-30cms-away within a multiple choice of what-to-order-for-dinner. I was hungry and so was the wife seated shotgun beside me. I needed to make choices pretty fast -because if I didn’t, granny roach might creep in deep into the crevices of the interiors. Dinner would be out of the question then. And the wife will be screaming like Anne Curtis all the way home. If home is where we end up after. 

The thought of no-touch, blow-it-away would have been a good option but what if it attacked my face while inhaling air to blow out? ¡Qué horror!

Adding Baygon Multi Insect Killer Spray (Advanced Formula) to our dinner may take time.

Without further analysis, a quick flick of my middle finger hit its ugly head so badly, I saw it fly away without its head. Then, I spent the next five minutes spraying my hands and car window with alcohol.

Dinner was ordered and served. Peacefully.

And I have this story to tell.


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