Drive-Thru Happiness

Driving home after attending a morning mass at our parish, my daughter Nikkei declared, “It’s my coffee treat today!” Excitedly, I turned towards the nearest drive-thru cafe and drive-thru we did. 

So with every sip of my hot peppermint cup, and with every bite of my veggie fritata, I say, “Life is good!”

It’s not that I am a regular cheapskate provider of my family, but that day, I was. For an old man like me who is not so hard to please, these little joys go big time simply because I recognize them. The simplest things in life can be the best if only we open our eyes and our hearts to see them.

I am alive.

I am a part of this family.

I am connected to a loving God.

I am a part of this miracle called life.

And it is good. Life is.

I paid for the gas, though.


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