Different Place, Same Prayer

I came to NYC bringing the same prayer I found myself doing when I embraced the world in Chicago –see part 1 here. This is the exact place where that Chicago Tribune Tower rock fragment was taken from.

Wild thoughts crossed my mind as I looked at the names permanently engraved on this memorial. The images of a man/woman jumping off one of the towers played again in my mind —still a vivid memory stored in my head, nearly 21 years ago while watching on TV over 13,000 kms away. 

I read some names from where I stood believing that one of those names belongs to that person I saw on TV. I prayed silently.

The memorial is now a happy place, always full of people, happy people. New buildings surround it. Everything appears so delightful to the eyes, nothing that suggests tons of rubbles from two 110-storey towers covered the ground, and dust thickened the air. 

Life went on for many. It didn’t for some.

To those who did and to those who still try to, I raise my coffee cup.


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