The 2024 Psalm

So there goes January. Doing a bit like February, gone fast and furious. That’s 8⅓ percent gone in the blink of an eye. Normally, this is when I’d be doing my self-assessment look-back —you know, checking which New Year’s resolutions survived the onslaught of the initial ups and downs of 2024. But I’ve learned my …

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Wanderlust Legacy

One of the valuable experiences I’ve provided my children, which I unfortunately missed out on during my own childhood, is the opportunity to travel. Although my overseas adventures began late (after college), exploring various places has significantly broadened my perspective. In particular, Andre, my son, has absorbed numerous lessons through our family travels. Even during …

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Mi Familia

Here’s an artist’s rendition of my family. Not too accurate but some details cannot be denied. The one with the hairless head resembles me. I mean, it’s supposed to be me. If you got this one wrong, you may offend 75% of this household. Them, the rest of the family who still buy, keep, and …

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