Birthday Cheers to my Barista

I love basketball. I am a big Celtics fan.

When Andre was in Grade 4, I enrolled him in Milo basketball clinic where I saw in him, some fine dribbling skills and passing moves. While watching, I found myself daydreaming that one day, I will be sitting side-by-side with Jack Nicholson at the Staples or Rod Steward at the Garden to watch him play in NBA.

Then tennis. One of the coaches there said my kid had great potential. Another daydream then was me seated at his box at the Wimbledon Centre Court cheering at every ace and every fantastic cross-court shot he makes.

More daydreams came with badminton.
Then swimming. Daydreams went beyond Earth.

Then daydreams no more.

Andre grew up. He switched to Ultimate (Frisbee) —no influence from me.

And then golf.

And then influences shifted.

With his mentoring, I find myself playing, too.

The dreams I had for my son were mine —not his. Working with me in my design firm; being the barista that started this Coffee Cup Reflections; and, golf. These were never a part of those dreams. I’d like to believe though they are God’s plans for him. Even if I string all my plans together and multiply them by infinity, they still don’t match up with God’s.

Now I feel I am the one being raised by my son. He soars high with his own wings (and clubs). When I want a break from life’s responsibilities, there is someone I can lean on. With a flat white on the side.


Soar even higher, Andre Christer! I don’t mind looking up to watch you fly high. Disregard those silly daydreams. They don’t matter. What you are to me is way more important than what I had wanted you to be.

You are to me, a wonderful son-gift that God has given. I love you, son.

Happy birthday!

Is the coffee ready?
Then, vat are ve vaiting for? Cheers!

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