A New Story of the Heart

It’s been nearly six years since my angioplasty, the process of inserting a micro tube into the artery to let blood flow from the left to the right or vice-versa depending on where your heart is relative to your blocked artery.

So I visited my doctor whom I didn’t want to see for consultations. If only for coffee, anytime. He loves coffee, too. Seeing him was I thought good for the heart. Besides, I thought I’d been missing some beats now and then. Atrial fibrillation, too –a condition blah, blah, blah. Episodes where mi corazon hammered from largo (55-60bpm) to allegretto (95-100bpm) easily became more frequent than K-pop concerts. I did some math and came up with a solution. One plus one equals seeing my cardio.

In his clinic, I thought I noticed him nearly dancing to the thumping he heard as he pressed his stethoscope against my chest. He immediately grabbed his iPad and played “Beat It” by Michael Jackson on Spotify. Kidding! He grabbed his pad and wrote a referral for a Stress Echogram Bruce Protocol –a procedure blah, blah, blah. 

Echo results revealed something. Something here is defined as anything but good. And so my good doctor made another referral. This time, for an angiogram, double setup. If that something is substantial, an angioplasty will be done immediately after the angiogram. Thus, the double setup. It also means, double the worrying, and triple the hospital bills.

From when I got the referral to when I was being wheeled to the catheter lab in the hospital, family, friends, angels, and saints started praying for me. My wife and her legion of friends even joined the Camino de Santiago twice. Online, though.

I also started using a wand device that uses Tera Hertz frequency (Iteracare) in healing the body. 

I prayed specifically for a no-angioplasty, an angiogram through the radial artery (wrist, not the groin where recovery takes a lot longer), and that my HMO card will cover all expenses.

God answered all my prayers. Angiogram (radial) revealed no blockage, I didn’t pay a single centavo, and I was out of the hospital by the early evening of the same day. Never mind hospital food -they were cooked in such a way you’d want early discharge.

A few days after, I was back running. No skipping beats, no A-Fibs. God works miracles!


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