A Good Message From The Grave

It was a compliment, really, from a man I barely knew. Through his widow, the message came.

Though I’ve only met him twice, I sent flowers and message of sympathies to his widow who had been a good client of mine. A few days later, I got a text from her thanking me for the gesture. She added he had been sharing my story as an example to others of how I beat my heart trouble by going vegan after my angioplasty. 

I made an impression! A good one at that. Yep, sweep modesty under that rug, it made my day. In fact, I still carry that good feeling all around.

I’ve given many talks and have written mediocre articles on subjects spanning from peanuts to Pluto but I can only make wild assumptions about the impact my words had on those who heard or read them. Did they give a second thought? Did they laugh at the jokes? Did they straight up dismiss and disregard?

I never expect much.

But this time, the noise of those mental questions seemed drowned by the message. The real message was that I do matter. Maybe not all the time. But sometimes. 

That’s good enough for me. Thanks, buddy. God rest you.

I raise this cup to you.




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