A Fleeting Thing Called Life

Just got my first birdie in golf. After exactly a year of playing, I finally made one! It was one lucky 13th hole, Par 4, in New Asia Golf Course in O’Donnell, Capas Tarlac last weekend, March 5, 2022. I knew I’d make the putt because my second shot landed just about 6cm away from the hole. A gentle breeze in the direction of the hole would have eagled it. Did someone take a video of it? Of course, golf course!

As soon as I sunk it, I let out a big yell loud enough for the flight ahead of us to hear. I waved to the left, waved to the right, gazed at the sky to give thanks and then danced like the Shaq the way he used to after a magnificent dunk! I was on cloud nine —whatever that is.

And then, it was over. That fleeting but powerful moment of exhilaration and jubilation was over. On the 14th hole, I hit a double par.

I chased that most elusive first birdie, you must know. I trained and practiced hard and hardest, flexed muscles I thought that at my age, had no use for anymore, dreamed and imagined about the glorious moment. I was falling in love with my birdie self before I became one. The law of attraction worked for me.

Oh, that feeling! So beautiful, so good. But it was over. It was just fleeting.

Just like college graduation day. Years and years of toil and sweat —only to culminate in an hour or two of brief celebration and Kodak clicking. Fleeting.

Or the first kiss and whatever comes after it. Fleeting.

Or the feeling of sitting behind the wheel of your first car for the first time. Fleeting. 

I’ll take them as life’s happy moments. But I will not let myself get so carried away by the temporary high of a first birdie that I forget to savor the beauty of life — to feel the wind on my face; to feel the joy of running; to feel the rush of the most lovely times of my life. Or just enjoy the pleasure of peeing after a long wait.

It is good to write about them, though. The picture above and this post, my first birdie lives forever.

On to the next chase: my first eagle.



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