66 Done, Infinity to Go

Yesterday, January 2, would have been my parents’ 66th wedding anniversary. But why do I say ‘would-have-been’ when it still was their anniversary, even if both have passed on from this life? They would have celebrated may be more appropriate. Or maybe not. All my life, I can only recall one time when we held a party to celebrate —their 40th anniversary. There probably was a little money to spare since all five children had already graduated from college by that time.

There were no pictures of the bride and the groom. The easy conclusion I can make is either the technology had yet to reach their place or the photographer’s calesa broke down on the way to the church. The only other details that we’ve been told about the event that started our family tree were that of the priest, Father Esguerra and of the church, St. John the Baptist in Dinalupihan, Bataan which outlived the priest as it still stands today. No details of how many carabaos and pigs were slaughtered for the reception. No honeymoon pictures, either.

I am jealous of those who have old wedding pictures (or paintings) of parents who have been married for 50-plus years. Even if the pictures weren’t taken at a time when they were especially handsome or glamorous, they had something to brag about to their children and grandchildren of how great-looking they were when the world was still in black and white.

But looking back, it didn’t matter if we had no pictures or paintings of their young lives. It was the times we spent together that did. We remember better the times they touched and cared for us, the times we were scolded and spanked, and the times we laughed and cried over meaningless reasons. Uncomplicated lives we lived then. I remember best the early times we shared meals on leg-less table called dulang. The delicious meals that my Inang served then were those I miss most now.

Today, I’m not sad. I’m just grateful to have had them part of our lives and to have been part of theirs.

With five children, 17 grandchildren and 7 great-grandchildren (and more coming soon), this family tree will keep growing. 

Happy anniversary! Cheers!

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